About Dead End

The Dead End brand of products was founded from the love of pursuing the Creation of the Creator! At Dead End, we believe in the lifestyle of the outdoors and we “LIVE THE LIFESTYLE” every day!  We understand that each time you are outside enjoying the creation, whether with a family member, a friend or just time alone, you are building memories. We take pride in designing and building products that help our customers create memories in God’s great outdoors that will last a lifetime! We understand how much those times mean to you because they mean the same to us!

Thanks and God Bless,


Meet Mitchell Johnston, the founder and driving force behind the Dead End brand of products.

About Mitchell Johnston

Founder and Creator

Mitchell's journey with Dead End began in 2011 when he embarked on a mission to create high-quality game calls that would revolutionize the hunting experience.

A Calling from Above

Mitchell's life took a spiritual turn when he felt called to the ministry at the tender age of 15. This calling shaped his values and purpose, influencing every aspect of his life and work.

Master of the Call

Mitchell's journey as a turkey caller started at the age of 16 when he entered his first competition. Taking a hiatus to refine his skills, he re-entered the competitive scene at age 20 and never looked back.

Champion Caller

Mitchell's dedication and talent have earned him numerous accolades, including 3 World Turkey Calling Championship titles, 4 NWTF Grand National Championship titles including the prestigious NWTF Grand
National Senior Division Championship, and victories at the US Open Calling Championship. Few can boast of winning championships in all three major turkey calling contests.

Family Man

Mitchell's greatest joy lies in his family. Married to Ashley for 21 years, they share a bond strengthened by love and shared experiences. Together, they raise their three children, Sarah, Cadence, and Mason.

Passionate Outdoorsman

Beyond the world of turkey calling, Mitchell is an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman. His appreciation for God’s great outdoors fuels his drive to hunt, preserve and protect God’s creations.

Spreading the Word

Mitchell sees his talents as a gift from above, using his turkey calling skills to share the Gospel across the United States. As a guest speaker at sportsman's banquets and church events, he combines his love for hunting with his faith.

Media Personality

Mitchell's expertise has garnered attention on both national and international platforms. From appearances on the David Letterman Show to hosting Dead End Game Calls TV and the upcoming Dead End Outdoors Podcast, his influence extends far beyond the hunting community.

Roots Run Deep

Born and raised in the Foothills and Mountains of NC, Mitchell remains connected to his roots. He attributes his strong work ethic to the values instilled by his parents, especially his father, who worked tirelessly to provide for their family.

At Dead End Game Calls, Mitchell's passion for the outdoors, coupled with his unwavering faith, drives us to create products that enhance every hunting experience. Join us on our journey as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the world of game calls, scent elimination, apparel, and the fishing world.